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Chris Berry

Founder and CEO

Chris has over thirty five years experience in the petroleum industry. He has been responsible for the initiation and origination of several successful oil and gas companies throughout his career.

Founder and CEO of Flint Rock Resources Management, LLC formed in 2008, a management company for oil and gas lease, mineral interest and production.Co-Founder Panther Bayou E&P, LLC. formed in 2003 to find and develop oil and gas opportunities along the US gulf coast. Founded Sunwest Minerals Inc. in 2000. Founded Petrologix Energy Trading Corporation a natural gas pipeline transportation company in 2002. Chris sold his interest in Petrologix in 2006.

Co-founded Property Development Group Inc. (PDG) in 1996 an exploration and operating company currently operating and developing leases throughout the gulf coast and  upper gulf coast regions of Texas. Chris sold his privately held stock in PDG in 2002. Founded Unico Oil and Gas Inc. an exploration and development company in 1986 along with Unico Energy Financial Inc. that provided capital for oil and gas projects. Unico Oil and Gas and Unico Energy Financial were sold in 1991.

Chris has consulted for and managed land and lease acquisitions departments with many other successfully private oil and gas companies. He has provided funding and generated capital for 400+ projects which include exploration and leasing programs, prospects and projects for numerous oil and gas companies and arranged funding as well for his own generated exploration, development and leasing prospects/projects and ventures.

Chris attended The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth Texas.  Chris also served in the United States Army and is a Veteran of the Vietnam War receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1972.



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Jim Darwin


Executive Vice President - Marketing

Jim Darwin has been in the financial and energy business for many years. Mr. Darwin has also been in leadership position in a large organization where he oversaw all of the complex operations with six divisions and more than 100 employees covering housing and home improvement loan programs, oversaw the construction of two multi-million dollar nursing facilities, managed six nursing homes and oversaw the construction of the two new state veteran cemeteries. Under Mr. Darwin’s direction, he created a new marketing program, which was instrumental in tripling the loan production of the veterans housing assistance program from $320 million to over $1 billion in three years. He also negotiated and restructured many of the contracts saving many thousands of dollars.

He was also the project manager on two new upgrades to the loan servicing and loan origination systems that streamlined the processes of both functions. Prior to joining Flintrock, Mr.Darwin worked in the telecommunications and data industry. He has built and managed several marketing organizations. He has been a top producer in selling financial products to businesses as well as to consumers. He has extensive experience in conducting marketing seminars and has experience in complex investments as well as a oil & gas, real estate investor and mortgage lender.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Texas with a BA in political science and double minors in Economics and Russian. He served his country by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps and was commissioned from the enlisted ranks. He served as an infantry, reconnaissance and intelligence officer and is a Marine parachutist and veteran of Desert Storm.

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